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Sidestands and ride height adjuster

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I removed the spring loaded pretzel sidestand from my '98 ST2 and replaced it with a later sidestand, hoping that in addition to being easier to use, it would be a bit longer. It works great, but no luck with longer - I'm always looking for a place that slopes up to the left so I can get off my bike <g>... I need a longer sidestand!

The Desmo Times sidestand is a +1", and the longest Cycle Cat sidestand is also +1". This doesn't look like it's enough - when I park in my garage on the side stand, I slide a small piece of 2x4 under the sidestand, and I've still got plenty of lean. So I'm up 1-1/2" and the sidestand is at an angle of course, so it looks to me like I'd be wanting about 1-3/4" longer.

That gets me wondering about the ride height adjuster. I haven't played with it, but it appears that I have about 1/4" of threads visible at top and bottom - so I can shorten it about 1/2". Those of you who've messed with it - how much does it change the ride height at the seat if you take 1/2" off the rod length? I'm trying to get an idea about how much lower I can go for 2 reasons - the sidestand issue and also because I'm real short and I'd love to drop the bike a bit so it's easier to reach the pavement.
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Right now the rear wheel is about 1-1/4" off the ground. As I said in the first note, it looks like I can shorten the adjuster about another 1/2" - but I don't know how much effect you get when you adjust - I don't know if 1/4" shorter is just a bit of a change or a big one. This is new territory for me - I've been preoccupied with getting the bike set up comfortably and getting lighting and wiring things sorted out, so I'm just starting to think about suspension adjustments.
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