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Sidestands and ride height adjuster

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I removed the spring loaded pretzel sidestand from my '98 ST2 and replaced it with a later sidestand, hoping that in addition to being easier to use, it would be a bit longer. It works great, but no luck with longer - I'm always looking for a place that slopes up to the left so I can get off my bike <g>... I need a longer sidestand!

The Desmo Times sidestand is a +1", and the longest Cycle Cat sidestand is also +1". This doesn't look like it's enough - when I park in my garage on the side stand, I slide a small piece of 2x4 under the sidestand, and I've still got plenty of lean. So I'm up 1-1/2" and the sidestand is at an angle of course, so it looks to me like I'd be wanting about 1-3/4" longer.

That gets me wondering about the ride height adjuster. I haven't played with it, but it appears that I have about 1/4" of threads visible at top and bottom - so I can shorten it about 1/2". Those of you who've messed with it - how much does it change the ride height at the seat if you take 1/2" off the rod length? I'm trying to get an idea about how much lower I can go for 2 reasons - the sidestand issue and also because I'm real short and I'd love to drop the bike a bit so it's easier to reach the pavement.
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Yours sounds like it's about all the way out, so the rear is about as high as it will go. When it's on the centerstand is the rear wheel on or almost on the ground?
From my understanding, and I just bought an adjuster on Ebay so I'll be an expert soon....they sound easy to experiment with.
Loosen the two nuts (ones left threads) and shorten the adjuster and the rear wheel should move higher off the ground which should make the sidestand work better.
But remember, you'll be increasing the rake/trail so the bike won't seem as quick turning.
But remember, right now I'm just guessing, so this info is worth what you paid for it....

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Right now the rear wheel is about 1-1/4" off the ground. As I said in the first note, it looks like I can shorten the adjuster about another 1/2" - but I don't know how much effect you get when you adjust - I don't know if 1/4" shorter is just a bit of a change or a big one. This is new territory for me - I've been preoccupied with getting the bike set up comfortably and getting lighting and wiring things sorted out, so I'm just starting to think about suspension adjustments.
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