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So... First of all let me say "Hello" I'm new to posting here but not to lurking, been here for a bit.

Let me start off with a bit of a back story. Last year I bought my dream bike 2010 Streetfighter 1098 in white. I've wanting on for as long as they have been around. It was a "wrecked and repaired" special on eBay. Ran perfectly and 100% fixed, or so i thought. The bike was delivered to the house and the minute it rolled of the truck I could see that the front tire was only about an inch from the lower radiator. looked closely at the frame and it looked fine until i started to feel around the lower tube on the frame. I found a huge buckle on the bend right off the head tube. So I rode it around the block and handled like a shopping cart. Crap I bought a lemon now what do I do? Well i signed for it, I thought i got such a good deal that I could at least scrap the parts out and come out ahead. But its my dream bike and I'm kinda good with my hands so I thought I could at least find a new frame for it. Well after looking on eBay, Italian eBay, Craigslist and everything else i could think of I found one in Canada for $1,400 Yikes!! So the second option was try and have the frame repaired by the "experts". Took the bike down to a Sacramento area Ducati frame "expert". They said they could fix anything. Left it there, they called me and said it was "unfixable". Went down to pick it up talked to the guys for a bit (they were really cool) then one of their wife's comes out from the back and the guys that do the fixing went into the back. I very politely asked her if I could have the specs for the frame i.e. measurements and material of what it should be. In the rudest tone I have ever heard she asked why I wanted them. "Well so I can fix it myself" i said. She proceed to tell me how "That's impossible and that I don't what I'm doing and you can't do that". "CHALLENGE ACCEPTED" I yelled and walked out the door.

I went home and got a game plan together. I went to the local dealer and got the specs I was looking for (they are in the service manual). I told the service guy at the dealer what I was going to do and he said "Right on! go for it!" that made me feel good. So I took the frame into work and started build a jig using the spec sheet that I had. I was going to need a jig to measure the frame and see what I need to do to fix the frame. The head tube on the 1098 is 25.5deg and mine was almost 15 so a good 10 or so off. The guy riding the bike must have hit something HARD. I wasn't going to be able to bend it back and with out buckling the lower tube more. I had to cut the lower tube completely out, about 15 inches from the head tube. This way I was able to keep the two vertical tubes in their original location. I was able to bend the head tube back (NO HEAT!! you will anneal the steel and then it really is junk) to the original 25.5 and i actually went with the 24.5 that the 848 has to have a better ride on the highway. I was able to find tubing that was so close to the original diameter (1 3/8" vs 35 mm )that you can't tell unless you have a caliper on hand. I did some more measuring and found that the bend in the lower tube is very close to a 6.5" radius so I bought a die for my tube bender, I bent some test bends and then got two that were perfect. I also ended going with DOM tubing because It's stronger than normal steel tubing and every where I read Ducati's frames are made for ALS450 steel, I thought this was some super exotic material. I got out the European code welding book and it turns out its nothing more that seem welded mild steel (any one that tells you Ducati's have special material for the frames are wrong). I also used a plug (smaller tube in the main tube) in the tube so I could get a nice weld and not rely on a butt joint. I TIG welded everything back together wail it was till in the jig. BINGO! 1 fixed Ducati SF frame. I got it powder coated and flat textured black. Went for the reassembly and everything went back together awesome. Wail i was waiting for the frame to come back I ended you doing a custom exhaust that I can do a write up on if you would like. Its one stock muffler with the cat removed and custom SS piecut piping.

So that's my story just thought you guys might want a good read.


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