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Sorry I've been MIA for a few months guys. Was gone at sea for a while for work.

Finally got around to installing some shift tech parts the other day and am pleased with all. I installed the keyless fuel cap, the California superbike pegs from gilles, and the gilles rear brake and shift lever.

The gas cap showed up right away a long time ago. I just hadn't got around to installing. Quality on this is outstanding, its a genuine part. Only bad part is I had to literally take every fairing off the bike in order to remove the tank shroud to install it due to the hoses that connect to it. Actually not very hard though and allowed me to do some extra cleaning and inspection of the bike. Pretty easy after watching Chris E's video on youtube. All I can say is it is way more pleasant to fill the bike up now. I can leave my key in my jacket pocket and I just like the simplicity of this cap. See attached pic.

The pegs and gilles levers took a long time to get. A couple months, however, shift-tech carbon was very communicative about it with me and was checking in with gilles regularly. The pegs showed up a few weeks before the levers, but I believe they're all stocked up on them now.

Install on all this is easy. Good directions with everything. Use proper torque settings and loctite. The adjustability of the levers is awesome and the smoothness from the bearings is much better. Im still playing around with the adjustability but so far I like it. I can also confirm you can use the gilles shifter lever to set up for GP shift and also setting it in the fast option makes for a much more positive shift feel. Quality parts and good adjustability. Plus look pretty good together! The levers work really for me and my smaller feet. The shift lever is actually already a tad shorter than the stock one overall. These will still work for those with larger feet, but you'll probably have to adjust the toe pieces out to extend more which might not look as good but should work just as well. see attached pics


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