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10 Year difference with Bellissimoto's S4RS!

Waiting on Carbon undertail, Carbon Swingarm ghuard, few more Pro-Ti bolts and BST Rapid Tek Wheels.
List of Parts...
Medium sized Front brake and clutch Wave reseviors.
Brackets for resevoirs.
Urlo grips. They are about 4mm larger in diameter then sport grips.
Belt covers.
Leggera (black) turn signals front and rear (SUPER BRIGHT)

Moto Corse...
Foldable levers. (black)
Titanium valve caps

Speedy Moto...
Front axel slider

CnC Racing...
Water Pump cover (black)
front brake ducts (matte carbon)
Bleeder caps (red)
30mm Clutch slave
Coolant res cap (black)
Gas cap (matte carbon)
Carbon fiber reservoir (matte)

Evo Tech...
Radiator guard
Oil cooler guard
Head guard
passenger peg delete

Evo Tech Italy.
Tail Tidy

Slipper clutch
6mm(red) caps

Pro-Ti titanium bolts
Most places that can be seen.

Clear (wet) clutch cover (black with red ring)

LS2.2 Bar end mirrors
Bar ends (black)

Ducati Performance...
Upper heat shield (matte carbon)
Rear mud guard (matte carbon)
Key guard (matte carbon)
Front sprocket cover (matte carbon)
Chain guard (matte carbon)
Oil filler cap (black)up map
branded red samco hose kit this is for the monster 1200 /s but works on the R if you remove the canister and mod the bracket or buy the carbon version for the 1200/s cover.)
touring seat

Carbon Vani...
Left side 1/2 belly (matte carbon)
Lower heat shield (matte carbon)
Coolant res cover (matte carbon)
Radiator front surround (matte carbon)
Radiator sides with custom vinyl (matte carbon)
Radiator filler neck cover (matte carbon)
Coil pack upper and lower covers (matte carbon)
Battery box upper cover (matte carbon)

Gilles Tooling...
Radiator cap cover with red ring

Full Titanium Exhaust.

Blacked out windscreen using wrap vinyl.
ALL body panels with paint are clear bra-ed

Corse Dynamic...
mirrors block off aluminum bolts (black)

LSL Racing...
Pre load adjusters (black)

Panigale spacers...
Throttle spacers

AEM Factory...
Titanium wheel and hub nut
Aluminum hub (black)
Titanium/ Aluminum (red) cush drive
Titanium sprocket and hub nuts
Aluminum sprocket (41) 520
Aluminum carrier (black)

Factory Pro....
Ceramic bearing detent arm

3D chain (black/gold) 520

Alternator cover (red) W/ custom cut matte carbon inserts i did.

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2019 1250 GS
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Looks awesome, I can’t wait to see the BSTs on there with the new wheel design.

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Looking good. Still deciding on tail tidy. Seeing yours in action gives something to think about.

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Looks great !!
I was so close to buying that same Ti exhaust system, I’m glad I didn’t as I will sell the bike soon.
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