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Hi all,

Bought my first Duc when I was in college - found a used '01 M750 for $4.3k at the time and put 30k miles on it.

Along the way had the usual run of electrical problems, my carbs died from Ethanol, my kickstand borked, valve clearance needed adjusting and belts needed changing ... but since I had no money it was all used parts on ebay, an old Haynes manual that had come with the bike, lots of head-scratching, ducati.ms and YouTube (thanks Chris from https://www.youtube.com/user/cacycleworksdotcom).

I still have that bike (her name is Griselda), and since added a '97 748 (Nina) and an '00 996 (Tiffany), with a '14 696 along the way (Betty, who is now gracing a family member's garage).

I maintain all of them myself ... stockholm syndrome, I guess.

Anyhow, I'm in deep on a tricky little sidestand issue with the 996 and for the first time Google has failed and I actually need to post on this forum instead of just searching. So I'm registering.

Time to admit it, I guess: my name is Sirio and I like the smell of motor oil and the sound of 2v Desmos.


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Cell phone pics are a crap shoot. The site posts them in the orientation they are natively taken in according to your phone, but if you have auto-rotate on while you took the picture, then who knows? Top can be bottom or top can be the side.

Please fill out your location info in the User CP.

Thanks and enjoy the site.
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