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Sfs 09' issue with cleareance between tyre and swingarm

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Hi guys.
I 've been on track with my sfs and i was using gp racer d212 (m) tyres. I tryed to put tyre warmers on but there wasn't enough space between tyre and swingarm..
Plus with d212 tyres dtc went mad. Completly ruined my first lap. So i went out in the box and swithced it completly.
My question is:
Is it tyre related problem (lack of clerance between tyre and swingarm) or something else?
I was using d212 for the first time, before only supercorsas. Dimensions where standard. 120/70/17 190/55/17.

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K know there also was an issue fitting a normal 1098 chain as it's smaller than an SF one. This meant the hub was wound nearer to the front of the bike which caused rubbing issues. Make sure you have the correct length chain or get a slightly longer one.

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