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Sfs 09' issue with cleareance between tyre and swingarm

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Hi guys.
I 've been on track with my sfs and i was using gp racer d212 (m) tyres. I tryed to put tyre warmers on but there wasn't enough space between tyre and swingarm..
Plus with d212 tyres dtc went mad. Completly ruined my first lap. So i went out in the box and swithced it completly.
My question is:
Is it tyre related problem (lack of clerance between tyre and swingarm) or something else?
I was using d212 for the first time, before only supercorsas. Dimensions where standard. 120/70/17 190/55/17.

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Don't the Streetfighter bikes use the lower-profile rear tyre? If so, a standard profile will bring it closer to the swingarm, and I've definitely read that it throws the DTC out - you can negate it somewhat by decreasing the sensitivity of the DTC, I think.
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