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Hi all,

I have a 2014 SF848 with about 8800 miles on the clock. This past weekend I went down to Deal's Gap with some friends to ride the tail of the dragon, and made it about 30 minutes into the ride before breaking down.

High RPM / high load misfire (feels like ignition breakup) around 8k RPM. While riding the tail, 8k and high load were a frequent occurrence, and the resultant misfires ended up flooding out the horizontal cylinder so badly it hydrolocked and wouldn't start.

A local shop drained the fuel out (and started a small fire in the process), and now the bike runs fine at low speeds and loads. Coils appear to be strong (checked using a spark gap tester), and the injectors don't appear to be leaking (checked by opening up the airbox to observe their operation -no dripping and both appear to spray evenly). Also of note, the problem only exists when warm - it does not miss when cold, and the plugs were new at the start of this season.

I tried unplugging the O2 sensors to no effect (I was desperate!). Now that I'm home I have pulled the following codes:

P0136 & P0141 (expected due to unplugged O2 sensors)
P0483 fan control rationality check
P0485 fan power/ground circuit

The fan codes are throwing me for a loop here... My first thought was the crank position sensor, but now I'm wondering if I have a loose ground or regulator/rectifier issue that's manifesting itself in an inoperative fan circuit and high rpm miss. Maybe an intermittent relay?

Any ideas? My next thought is to put a DMM to the thing to check the R/R functionality, then I'm going to tear the tank and airbox out to check the integrity of the fan circuit and look for loose ground connections.

Thanks in advance!
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