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SF: GPS and wiring

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I searched high and low on here and couldn't really find a decent answer for the age old question .... how to hardwire a gps, BUT on a steetfighter.

The were a few suggestions on other bike models, but I am trying to find any members on here who actually have hard wired a GPS cable onto their streetfighter.

Any help/info/direction would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm pretty sure I've posted this few times. it would take me longer to dig them up then to re post them. bazically a usb charger for $30 with weather proof cap.


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RAM mount. Speed tested to 135.

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i was going to run my wires under the tank, but after inspection i noticed the main wiring cable for the dash and headlights ran along the the left side on the inside of the frame. i was able to feed the power cable between the stock zip ties and the stock harness cable. if you look at my photos at the end of this post it shows the USB cable exposed and then hidden. I just attached it to the battery, i wanted to split off the headlight but this way i can charge my phone while its not on.

Thanks Chief! I'm going to have to look into that. Hope they get one out for the 5 soon, they have one it's just not available yet. It shows up today! :D
No problem. When i show up to place with my iphone on charging it gets more attention than my bike:mad:

Here is the charging solution i used.

BurnsMoto - Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, RV - USB Weatherproof Power Socket - USB Charger with optional SAE to USB
what wiring kits do you guys use to power your gps? I just don't trust the "no name" wiring kits on ebay/amazon.

I already tried it once and fried the GPS that I had, no worries though, it was 6 years old and super slow.
The burns moto did not have an inline fuse, but they are cheap at radio shack. No issue with mine so far. My iPhone is still working. Except the new maps;)

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