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bike runs very well these days, power curve everything is nice and smooth (except my bent wheels) its a 748.

anyhow, every now and then, after i have warmed the bike up or driven, after cutting the engine and starting it back up at, say, a gas station, i get a backfire from the exhaust. nothing nasty but i don't like it. i just did my belts for the first time, and other than the vertical intake cam advanced to where the 2nd second mark on a clock is(after the 12 before the 1), all is set. suggestions, comments?

theres also the rare occasion i'll get a cough from the intake in the airbox

now, i have nothing to compare how a ducati should run because i've only spent time on my own. i don't know if what i'm about to describe is normal or a problem i need to address, don't forget i'm anal about all sounds and running.---here it is--- by running, fine as always, below 6.5k rpm when i'm cruising, usually in 3rd or 4th gear, i can hear comming from the exhaust cans, a sort of miniseries of backfires, but not like backfires though. sort of like tiny pockets of air are escaping.
i've fiddle with the throttle and in no time is deceleration or acceleration effected. and when i'm actually changing speeds and keep the engine in the high rpms, everything sounds lovely. is the sound i described normal.

what's redline on my bike? the bike pulls all the way up, i usually don't go past 11.5k or 12, but feels like it could pull past the 13,000 (termis, eprom, velocity stack air filters with meshes removed, no flywheel.)

my oil light and brake light for when i use the front brake don't work, rear brake and brake light works. all fuses are ok. respuestan?
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