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Service Manual source 04 ST4S?

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Anyone got a good lead on one? I already have the LT Snyder book.
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Never seen one for sale

I have never seen one for sale at any shop. I did however pickup the Valve Adjustment Video for a whoping $75. It was really indepth on how to adjust valves on the st/748/996/998/monster. It showed me that would be in way over my head if I was to adjust my valves. :eek:
Just received my official shop manual for the '04 ST4s last week. Price is way up there bcs of the Euro v USD.

Link to http://repairmanuals.com/motorcycles/2004/21/6/18303

or call 1-800-426-4214

Here's info from the invoice:

Merchant : Motocom Inc
>Date/Time : 03-Jan-2006 11:02:39 AM
>========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
>Invoice : 244296
>Description : | (1) 91470441E - Official 2004 Ducati ST4 S Factory
>Amount : 90.73 (USD)

They added another $74.21 to the charge for a total of $160.94

If you get an A4 4-ring binder, a 2" or 1.75" will do. I got a 2.5" binder and it's way too big.
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Shop Manual

Keep an eye on eBay - I found one for my '03 ST4s for $140. Takes a lot of patience, though - if you need it now, there aren't any inexpensive sources. Alternatively, www.Duc.nu has several manuals available for download in Adobe Acrobat format - unfortunately, the ST4s isn't one of them!
Any Ducati dealer can order the factory service manual. I mail ordered my 2004 ST3 manual from www.section8superbike.com for about $150.
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