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Hello, tttexan

If you don't want to make the trek to Austin or Alvarado (I think they are more than competent at AMS, but you will not get out cheaply...) try talking to Andy at Metric Motorcycles. They are just inside the N. Loop around Washington or thereabouts. He has hired a factory-trained Duck tech from ExImports and will perform very capable Ducati service at extremely competitive rates.
Since he is not an actual Ducati service place, I generally order any parts and bring them to 'em, and it greatly diminishes the wait time for service.
For instance, if I'm getting valves checked and belts changed, I'll have the belts and adjuster jam-nuts in hand when I bring the bike in, and generally pick it up the next day. I am not going to quote any prices (I'll let Andy do that) but I get out at about 1/4 the cost of AMS (of course, I'm also suplying parts).
Andy has a very well tuned machine shop, a dyno for setting up PowerCommanders and such, and is a certified RaceTech and Ohlins technician.
Personally, I think he deserves all of the business he can get. I trust him and his shop to do expert work at a reasonable price, something that's otherwise lacking in the Houston area.
I went to ExImport to purchase an oil filter and the two gaskets for my ST4S (drain plug and screen plug) and was told that the screen plug gasket would have to be ordered, "it would be a week to ten days"....
I left (empty-handed) thinking "you slackers are an actual Ducati repair facility?"......

Anyway, I think Andy and Metric Motorcycles deserves to be the "official" Ducati go-to-guy in these parts!

respectfully posted,
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