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Heya guys,

I'm having a custom Corbin seat made for my 2019 Hypermotard 950. There are literally a TON of seat material options that are leaving me somewhat confused.

Given my own inexperience i'm not sure what is "better".

There were samples sent my way and out of all of the samples I really enjoyed the following:

Asphalt (pretty grippy, mimics sandpaper but without the "grit" as its soft". (same material used on the KTM comfort seat for the SDR)
Gripper (basically, small, domed grids with space in between)
Standard Carbon Fiber vinyl.

I wanted to avoid leather, so opted for all vinyl.

As a general rule of thumb, is there a "better" or more sought after material choice for motorcycle seats? Do track stars and racers prefer a slicker seat or do they want more "grip"?

The bike will be used for general road riding and perhaps a track day down the road when it cools off. I will say that I usually like to "move" in the saddle but my technique is probably far from perfect as I tend to lift my butt in order to reposition it versus sliding. Given my own inexperience, I couldn't even tell you which is the preferred method.

Feedback is very much welcome. Thank you guys.
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