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Seat height

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Has anyone had the seat shaved to reduce height? If so, by how much?
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F/U on the lower seat..

To my surprise , I got the Ducati 20mm lower seat for Christmas, something I did not want to buy due to only being 20mm lower.
I really didn't think 20mm would make a difference to justify spending $300 .

Well, surprise surprise.. I put the seat on and for the first time , I was able to put the balls of Both feet down. If I shift my but as I use to with the stock seat, I can actually flat foot one side.
With the stock seat being so high and me being 5 foot 8 inches tall, every time I stopped, I had to plan where my foot was going to land which really sucked. Always worried at an intersection if I would be able to reach or not. Now, I can put either foot down without even thinking about it. I can't believe how much more enjoyable it is to ride not having to worry about where I need to strategically stop for a good foot plant.

I am thankful to my wife who heard me on the phone with a dealer researching this lower seat, asking him if I should get it or not. 20 mm is basically the size of a US Penney , doesn't seem like it would make any difference but holy cow , it really does.

To those who are contemplating this seat, don't overthink it like I did. I was out with my bike and a ruler trying to convince myself of a 20mm difference.
The thing is , you can't just go by the 20mm. The dip in the seat is more than the stock, making it seem lower than 20mm. The ride as far as cushion is no difference than the stock.
One thing I did notice is when giving full throttle , with the stock seat I would slide back a little. With the new seat, due to more of a dip, I don't slide at all.
The new seat looks more dipped like the 939 seat.

So to those vertically challenged, these $300 is a complete bike comfort makeover , trust me, it is the best advice to shorter ridders that I can give you, you will be pleasantly surprised.
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You can reduce your ride height further by reducing the spring preload in the forks and rear shock.
It's amazing sometimes what a difference a very small change like that can make. (y)
What bike do you have this on? A 950?
Yes, 950SP
You can reduce your ride height further by reducing the spring preload in the forks and rear shock.
True, I just don't want to change the handling .
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