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Hey All,

just bought a few things to add on. New seat and tail tidy.

The reason for my post is as the aussie dollars sucks now compared to the us$ we are paying about 30% on top of what you guys are paying and then shipping.

A couple of years ago the aussie dollars was awesome and we were buying things so cheap.

Anyway first of all I have absolutely no affiliation with this company at all!! Motorcycle Gear and Accessories Online | Ducati Polaris and Husqvarna Dealer | Alessi Motorcycles

Just wanted to let you know about some bargains picked up a new seat and and the tail tidy ($270 delivered)!! they have some super cheap hyper stuff as well. I cant find this cheaper anywhere. Pretty sure the ship internationally as well.

If this post is breaking any rules please delete. Just wanted to show some bargains with the US $ so good compared to the Aus$ you guys get it even better!

Have some photos of the seat for comparision if anyway is interested. I have two of these seats. One one each of my bikes.You will never go back!!

Also have photos of the oem tail on one bike and the dp tail tidy on the other.

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