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My local dealer was telling me the un-faired Sport is no longer available. After a few searches I think he is wrong or trying to sell me what's readily available to him. Thanks for the advice. -Pk
Packetknife - your dealer is correct, the Sport 1000 was dropped for '09, leaving just the GT, GT touring, and the 1000s. To me, the ergos on the Sport feel closer to the 1000s than the GT, so I'm not sure the Sport would work much better for you.

Anyway, if you go with the GT touring for the short term - and this sounds like the really sensible thing to do IMO - remember when your done touring there are plenty of mods to give your GT to a more Sport-like look and feel. Lots of guys here have done just that with some awesome looking results.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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