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On the lower triple tree there are two bolts, one on either side, to adjust the steering so the bars don't hit the tank. Can't remember the name of them. Anyway, one of them is sheared off and quite stuck. What should I do? I'm worried that if I try one of those remover tools it will snap off and I'll be in even worse shape than I am now. I also can't get a perfectly square angle on it. I can take the entire front end off, which will be a minor PITA since there's no other reason to do it at this point.

Open to suggestions...
Can you take some pictures?

Its not that much work for front end removal: remove front wheel, remove clipons or bar raisers, loosen triple pinch bolts and steering stem, then it should drop out. At most one hour work..

Probably a good idea at this time to check and regrease the front end bearings...

You can heat up the lower triple to around 120 deg celcius , that should expand the aluminium just enough, and you get out the stuck bolt easier..

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