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Does Manitoba have gov't run insurance?
In Ontario we use State Farm because it is the cheapest about $1,000 - $1,200 a year .
If you go to The U.S.A you pay for hospital visits and health insurance out of pocket if your workplace does not pick it up...

Make your deductable high and rates should go down.
If you use the insurance (Crash) your bike will be a write off anyway.
Generally Insurance companies are crooks and won't pay or drag their feet if they have to pay...

Young people pay HUGE.
My buddy in his 20s pays $1,800 a year for the priveledge of riding 6-7 months a year...

Gov't and Insurance rip off , bed mates stealing from the working man...
the same buddy just got into an accident in a car his friend was driving , the Chirorpactor is raping the insurance companies for all he can get out of them. First he raped the kids workplace insurance till he ran that coverage dry.

Insurance is a crooked dishonest business fuelled by Gov't corruption and greed, that is backed by the politicians , with no spine , and benefits the bad doctors and shops who fix wrecked vehicles and over charge for services for over profit...

Too many crooks get rich on YOUR dollar..
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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