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SC1000 insurance almost twice the cost of a GT1000!

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I was checking the latest insurance rates online from my neighborhood friendly anti-motorcycle public insurance monopoly's website and determined that this year I'll pay the exact same atrocious rate as a Superbike (almost 3k per year) and in this province there is no other choice!!! The SC is classified as a full out liter class sport bike! I find my bike sporty, but it sure isn't a Superbike!

So, out of curiosity... I ran the rates for a GT1000 ... and they were almost half as much, WTF, they're basically the same bike! So now I'm thinking, it might be cost effective to get a GT frame and swap the parts, taking the SC (frame) off the road... I presume other than the side panel mounts and the dimple free rear subframe, it should be a direct swap, since (hello insurance company) they're the same bike.
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In Michigan. No-fault insurance exempts motorcycles here.

State farm
748: ~$550
749: ~$600
GT: $700

state farm supposedly classifies based upon engine size, hence the GT costs more than my previous superbikes. if that doesnt seem weird, my 2005 mazda3 costs $1k a year. i have no points and no recent accidents...

also i run regular deductibles, but extra liability coverage $250k/500k.

by the way, i had progressive for my 748 once upon a time. someone vandalized the bike and the following year my premium jumped $2600 to $3100/yr. flo and her friends can suck my sack before i ever consider progressive for insurance again.
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