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SC1000 from Madrid

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Hello everyone, I am Rober from Madrid, Spain. And I´ve a Ducati Sport Classic Biposto ´07 that I buyed last year.

I love the mods that you made and post here, specially:

"Rizoma Bars on Sport 1000 (The Ride Report)" http://www.ducati.ms/forums/77-sport-classic/37703-rizoma-bars-sport-1000-ride-report.html

"Hidden Reservoirs" http://www.ducati.ms/forums/77-sport-classic/112338-hidden-reservoirs-999-controls.html

and "De-blinging the fuel cap" or everypart http://www.ducati.ms/forums/77-sport-classic/107274-de-blinging-fuel-cap.html

I would love to make these mods and some others like anodize the wheels, or lowering brackets, but first of all, Rizoma bars. I have a surgery on both wrists and I really feel pain... :(

Here some pics of my bike:

If anyone wants to know more, feel free to ask. I'll be glad to help you with my poor english ;)

Greetings to all!

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Hi buddies, thanks, I'm glad you like it!

Greetings from Madrid, Rob.
Hi buddies!

I post my new updates on the bike, hope you like it!

Greetings from Madrid.

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