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SC to GT bar conversion

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SC clip-on to GT triple/bar conversion

I've got a GT top triple and risers on the way and intend to use a Rizoma 22mm bar. I've read both the threads I could find on this topic but it wasn't clear whether the existing SC throttle cables and hydraulic lines for clutch and brake are long enough to use with the GT risers. It didn't look like any of the OPs had replaced any cables or lines. I've reached out to those who did this mod but haven't received a reply - the post is pretty old so they've probably moved on. I'm assuming that the throttle cables are not long enough and have a new set ordered and on the way - for $38 I can't go wrong. I'd like to know if the hydraulic lines need to be replaced because they seem expensive.

thanks guys...
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RoBB: I used the original clutch line, I just reversed it to make the angled fittings work.
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