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SBK chain Alignment / Marks

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Got a question about the alignment marks on the new style swingarm. What do you guys go by to align the wheel and get the chain straight? I just left the local dealership and looked at the alignment mark on 5 SBK's...everyone of them was the same. The block that there that you match up to the little has marks ya know...the right side was dead on the 4th big mark and the left side was almost to 4 1/2. Basically right at the next little mark between the big ones. Right now on my bike, I have it at the exact same mark on both sides, maybe slightly off, and checked my chain with a straight edge flat on the sproket and running up the chain method. Seemed pretty dang straight to me.

What's right, how critical is it, and is there that much tolerance or slop built in that you'd never feel it if it was off a mark or so???
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whether you would feel a misaligned wheel as a rider is debateable, i suppose it depends how far out it is. but, a misaligned wheel will cause faster chain and sprocket wear. don't rely on the alignment marks on the swingarm, they are notoriously inaccurate. when i need new tyres i go to my mechanic who has two long alloy straight edges, he adjusts my chain and sets the alignment for me, once done, i just make sure when i need to adjust the chain i make the same adjustments to both sides.

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OK, with that said then...you know your chain is straight and the wheel is in the right spot...where's your marks???
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