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Sargent Seat for 749S

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Hello Everyone,
I just bought a Sargent Seat for my 2006 749S Monoposto! I have tried to search but nothing come up for how to replac/ swap the seat. Please let me know if there is any trick/tip that you guys could provide. Thanks in advance.
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No trick....... undo the 2 large side bolts and 2 vertical seat bolts that secure the seat to the subframe and also remove the 2 bolts that secure the rear fairing to the subframe.

Lift the tank/seat/rear-fairing combination upward. It will pivot on the front fuel tank mounts. Lift it about 3" at the rear of the tank and support it there with a rolled up towel.

Take your 17mm wrench and undo the single central bolt that secures the seat to the fuel tank. Remove the seat/rear-fairing combination. Leave the tank supported on the towel.

Remove the 4 4mm bolts that secure the seat to the fairing.

Substitute the Sargent unit for the OEM one and reverse these steps.
Brian, Thank You very much for the advice! I just take a look at the Seat and the Bike and your post help clear up everything. Thanks again:)
Glad to help....

All of the guys here are good for that!
Talk about a super-duper walk-through!! :yeah:
I would have just said R.T.F.M. :p
Glad to help....

All of the guys here are good for that!
Except VW ^ :abduct:
Yes, definitely faster than I could get thru the phone at the dealer's customer service for sure. I belong to a few car and motocycle forums and this is by far the best!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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