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Sargent Saddle photos

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After reading a bunch of reviews here and elsewhere I bought a new Sargent saddle to replace the stock saddle on my '95 SSCR. After riding on it for a couple weeks I thought I'd post to share a couple thoughts but mainly to post some photos of the seat for anyone who's interesting in the seat. I couldn't find much in the way of photos when I was shopping, so consider this post a sort of community service ;)

I ordered the saddle directly from the Sargent website and it was shipped and delivered pretty quickly along with a free led flashlight. The flashlight is pretty low quality and didn't come with batteries, so whatever, just another piece of junk on my desk. Nice gesture though.

Anyway, my first impression was that the seat is very well constructed, attractive and durable looking, as well as wider and more comfortable than the stock saddle. It's more like sitting in a seat than sitting on a barrel (like I feel like on the stock saddle). The rear cowl does fit over the rear, but I felt uncomfortable putting it on because it was so tight. Also, when it was on I lightly tugged up at the cowl and it popped up and off which kind of disturbed me that it was so easy to pop off. So I'm just riding without the cowl and I'm used to the look and kind of even like it better now.

I've removed the rear fairing from my bike so the yellow plastic that makes up the underside of the seat is visible at points as you can see in the photos. This bothered me for a couple of minutes, but I got over it. After all, it matches the rear shock. Also, if you've still got your fairings on, you'll never, ever see this.

The storage tube underneath is actually pretty big all things considered and was a huge selling point for me. More than enough room to keep my registration, pressure gauge, and (real) flashlight, and set of fuses in. The foldable hooks look pretty convenient, but I haven't had the chance to use them, and even if I did, I might just hook my net to my frame instead.

So far, the only negative I've discovered has been that it's not the most comfortable seat for stop/go traffic (neither is the bike itself I guess :p). The same wider seat and contouring that make it more comfortable during a ride makes it generally uncomfortable when you put your feet down at a stop. The seam puts just a little bit of pressure on the inside of my thighs and gives me the feeling like I'm cutting off circulation to my legs. I'm 6'3" 180lbs, so height/weight shouldn't be a factor really. It's not terrible, but it's annoying enough to make me consider swapping my stock seat in for my daily commute, and putting the Sargent back on for longer rides.

In any case, it's a great saddle and I'd definitely recommend it as a replacement/supplement to the stock saddle.
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Just so happens I got the same exact seat but with the red trim a couple weeks ago and feel the same way about the comfort. It feels good cruising but stop and go not so great. I'm still trying to find the "sweet spot" so hopefully it breaks in or breaks me in. Also it is considerably higher changing the center of gravity a little which I really like for the leg room since I am 6'2" 180. However, this puts a little more pressure on my wrists. And with the stock seat I used to rest my stomach on the tank but this one seems a bit narrow up front to comfortably do that.
Regarding the flashlight, I was thinking maybe it was home-made or something, I had to fiddle with mine a bit to get it working.
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