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Santa Rosa group ride / Saturday 5/23

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What - Group ride
Who - All are invited, pace is your own, generally geared toward those with some experience
When - Saturday, May 23 - 9 AM to 3 or 4 PM, w/shorter route options
Where - The Motorcycle Shop (formally Moto Meccanica), 1111 Petaluma Hill Rd, Santa Rosa / 707-578-6686

On this ride we'll head over through Calistoga to Middletown. First stop at Perry's Deli in Middletown. Then we'll ride down through Pope Valley to Lake Berryessa and do a lunch stop on the lake (either pack a lunch or get one at Perry's - we have at least two bikes with panniers that can carry lunches). For those who need to cut it short, Middletown or Pope Valley are good places to turn off. After lunch we ride further south along the lake then back over into Napa Valley and home.

Questions? PM me.

Sorry for the late notice. We plan on having a monthly ride like this. PM me with your email and we'll put you on the list.

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Hey Brian,

Middletown is our normal turn around point for folks riding Berryessa from Sacramento and Davis. We usually all meet off I/80 in West Sac (Chevron Stn.) just before the Causeway, ride out to the Winters Chevron for a short meet up then over to the "Corners". We either stop there or just keep going until we hit the market/gas stn in Middletown. Now in the future we could maybe meet in Middletown and go into Napa from there and head back via 128.

I would like to meet up sometime with Phil in Marin County. Never been on those roads, hell, I've never been on Skaggs for that matter. I can't do anything til after June 1st anyway because of an insurance glitch, my new insurance doesn't activate til then.
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