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August 30th, at GP Motorsports in San Diego, they are having an Indianapolis viewing party at the dealership with free pizza along with Demo rides!

Now, technically, the day before on the 29th, is their Grand Opening party (they moved)! But they are staying open an extra day for the Indy GP party, demo rides and pizza!

See http://gpmotorcycles.com/GP_grand_opening_flyer.pdf

It just so happens, I have a friend with a mobile dyno. Who just *happens* to be arguably the best dyno tuner in West (he does Suzuki's AMA bikes, as well as others). So GP and I talk and.... enter L&L Motorsports and the first GP Motorcycles Dyno Shoot-Out!

$100 for the highest horsepower Ducati, as well as first place prizes for other classes (see below). But feel free to bring any bike, any make or model!

Singles & < 600 bikes
600’s I4’s & 600-749 twins
750-999 (I4’s & V-twins)
Liter I4 bikes & liter-plus v-twins
Unlimited (Hayabusa, ZX14’s)

For a dyno pull, it's $50 for a horsepower, torque, & air/fuel reading. Come on down with your friends for bragging rights or to see what other bikes do, or at least to see if that 'custom map' you got at some other shop is really a good map or not (air/fuel ratio tells the story).

There will also be custom map tuning for Ducati's, or any bikes, with a Power Commander. My 1198S is schedule to be mapped early that morning. IF you plan on getting a custom map, please contact GP (or pm myself) to be scheduled a time for said bike to be custom mapped. L&L Motorsports dyno is fully automatic, and the computer calculates the perfect map for your bike, no more messing around with number guessing.

So, hopefully I'll see you all down there.

Please please PLEASE feel free to ask me any questions. For those that have been to Buymoto's Dyno Shoot-outs, I organized that as well for my friends and others (and no, I'm not getting paid for any of this).

I'll come back and post up tips of how to get the highest dyno number out of your bike.


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Some tips to get the most of out of your bike on a dyno...

45-50 psi in your rear tire
Cleaned and lubed chain
Fresh oil change/air filter
Clean air filter, but if aftermarket, oil *very* lightly

If you have more than 10k miles on your bike, go to Pep Boys, buy 'Redlines Complete Fuel System Cleaner', dump the entire bottle in the gas tank and fill up, ride until you are on fumes. This $8 bottle cleans the hell out of the valves/injectors/needles better than any other cleaner that i know of, save maybe Seafoam or having them cleaned out by hand.

If you have a slick or a DOT slick on the back, keep in mind these tires are heavy and will 'cost' you a little hp in the reading. That's fine, just be cognizant of it. Your bike is making the same power, but less is getting to the rear tire because it has to rotate a heavier object.

Now, of course, if you wanna get stupid, and register a ridiculous number....

Zero weight synthetic oil, 1/2 quart shy of full
A used up, hard compound 160/50/17 rear tire, with like 70 psi in it
ceramic wheel bearings
Ti rotor/sprocket bolts
Rear wave or 'cut' rotor, or hell take it off
BST CF rear rim
Pryed rear brake pads, or rear caliper removed

But the above are small tricks for Hayabusa dyno queens, not Ducati's!

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Hurray! One time only! Bring the kids! (well, actually, maybe not...) But anyway Come On Down!!


Okay, really...


Indy MotoGP viewing party

Demo rides (if you haven't try a StreetFighter. I'm telling ya', this is an awesome bike).

And, of course, the Dyno Shoot-out and custom tunes. See what you're bike puts down as well as how good the map is!

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A big thank you to GP Motorsports.

I won one of the raffles!!! :yeah:
Awesome! What didja win?!

And which bikes did you test ride. The Streetfighter was by far the most popular, with the 848 right behind it.
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