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For those that prefer to send in their ECU for a new map, Motowheels can re-flash your ECU.

Quick same day service.
FREE return shipping.
Huge library of maps

MWtuning/Rexxer ECU Ducati Remap: Magnetti Marelli ECU
Price: $350.00
Sale: $295.00* FREE Return Shipping
DUCATI Monster 800ie, 695ie, S4, S2R800-1000, ST3, ST4/S, Multistrada 620/1000/1100, 998/S/R, 749/S/R, 999/S/R, 848, 1098/S/R, 1198/S/R, Sport Classics, Hypermotard1100/S, Streetfighter

MW Tuning/Rexxer ECU Ducati Remap: Siemens ECU
Price: $350.00
Sale: $295.00* FREE Return Shipping
DUCATI Monster 696/796/1100/evo, Hypermotard 796/1100evo/SP

MW Tuning/Rexxer ECU Ducati Remap: Mitsubishi ECU
Price: $350.00
Sale: $295.00* FREE Return Shipping
DUCATI Multistrada 1200, Diavel, 1199/S/R, 899, Monster 1200

And for those that prefer to do it themselves...

MWtuning/Rexxer Reprogrammer
Was: $799.99
Sale: $529.99 FREE Shipping

You can now get a performance ECU for about half the price of a Ducati Performance ECU plus you have the flexibility to change your map whenever you need - with out sending your ECU to someone. This unit allows reprogramming of the Magneti Marelli 5AM & 59M units, Siemens, and the Mitsubishi/melco ecu's. The Rexxer can allow for removal of the exhaust control valve, O2 Sensors and on some bikes add cruise control. It also allows you check, read, and clear the check engine light and service indicator from your Ducati. Since the original map is stored on the Rexxer, the maps can be switch back to stock. Once a remap module has been downloaded onto an ECU unit, data can only be transferred from this particular ECU unit. If you want to upgrade the map later because you have further modified or changed your Ducati you can do this by sending us the Rexxer unit for a new map. The ECU does not have to be sent in to us.

Sell your bike or want to return it to stock? Your original map is stored on the rexxer module (Magnetti only). Just plug it back into your ECU and swap maps. You can then install the rexxer map on another bike, or change the map for use with a different model. Not planning to re-map another bike with it?
You can sell it loaded with a performance map to get back most of your original investment.

*Read and save ECU original data

*Write the ECU with modified or return to original data

*TPS Reset

*Identify the ECU

*Trimmer Adjustments

*Provide Firmware Information

*Clear Adaptive Parameters

*Reset Oil Service Indicator

*Perform Checksum Automatically

*Read and Clear Check Engine Codes and More!!!!

For More information: Contact [email protected]
or call 916.369.2509

Contact [email protected] or call 916.369.2509 for more information.

* Register on the Motowheels website for Free forum to access discounts on most non sale items or lifetime VIP passwords for the deepest discounts on ALL products. Look for memberships and choose the membership type that fits you the best

* FREE continental USA shipping on orders over $100.

* Outside continental USA, use shipping passwords:
GLOBAL250 gets 25% off shipping on orders over $250
GLOBAL500 gets 50% off shipping on orders over $500
GLOBAL750 gets 75% off shipping on orders over $750
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