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The first (of many) Sacramento Ducati Club Trackdays @ Thunderhill, Wednesday September 20th, 2006.

At this time we are capping this event at 40 riders.

For the first 20 riders that sign up and put a $100 deposit down ONLY! - the cost will be flexible. Meaning that if we get only 20 people, the cost will be $225/rider for the day. That will be the most you will pay. For each additional person that signs up, the cost for the FIRST 20 ONLY will go down.

After the first 20 riders, the cost is $200/rider w/ a $100 deposit. This is fixed and will not change.

In other words, if we get 40 riders, the first 20 to sign up will pay $160 and the second 20 will pay $200.

The intent of this is obviously to encourage people to sign up early, not to confuse you. The first 20 riders will share the risk and the benefit of signing up early. This way all the additional money we receive will go to the first 20 riders. We are not making any money on this event, it's organized by riders for riders.

You can pay by check, cash or paypal (add 4% to all paypal payments coz that's what they will charge me.) For all cash and check payments e-mail me at [email protected] - this is also my paypal account. As soon as I receive an e-mail and you follow up with the payment within the following 7 days you will be put on the list. If I don't get the downpayment within a week, you are off the list.

Until we get the web page set up I will post here to inform you how many spots are left, so far 6 people are already signed up.

PLEASE! - we want to recruit safe, mature riders. Proper apparel and safe bike is a must. Anyone endangering other riders will be immediately sent home. We want everyone to have fun and crashing is no fun. Fearing for your life because of some other asshole in no fun either. We will not compromise this.

I can be reached at [email protected] with any questions, or just post here.

Thank you and hope to see you all there !!!
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