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How do I adjust the Ohlins front suspension on my 2007 Monster S4RS?

The teal(?) colored suspension nut has S & H stamped on it, with direction arrows.

I assume you turn the hex key headed adjuster inside the nut in the relevant direction?

Does it have clicks? Or do you just screw it in or out a certain amount?

How about the rear Ohlins shock, any adjustment on it?

Thanks in advance

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the blue nut is the preload adjuster. the 3mm hex head inside that is the rebound damping. probably generally 10 clicks out. the compression damping is at the bottom of the leg.

the shock has rebound and compression. rebound at the bottom of the shock - black adjuster. compression is on the remote reservoir.

all damping adjusters will click.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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