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S4R vs 996???

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looking to buy a duc. i've ridden both, but it's been a while since i've been on the monster and i really wasn't riding it to decide on a purchase. just for fun.

for those that own the s4r and have ridden a 996, what are the major differences aside from cosmetics. i do a lot of city riding and an occasional track day.

i just don't want to get an S4R and then spend a small fortune trying to turn it into an unfaired 996.

what the major negatives of the monster when compared to the 996? is there an area where the s4r really lacks?
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+1 on Munchdog.

I loved riding the 996. It was one of the best handling bikes I have ever been on, more so after leaving the confines of the city. Around town, it was beautiful but torture and not as practical, but I would live with it if I had it right now. It is one of those things that you live with in order to fuel the passion. More of a personal call.

I really wanted a cafe bike with a little oomph and more soul than an S3. I bought an S4R and was going to go all out cafe, but am loving the Magura bar.

My S4R seems like a great balance between bump compliance and a little stiffness for spirited rides. Okay, she isn't stiff at all for spririted rides, but I mean that she doesn't dive too much or do anything wrong. I love her.

I was on a quick ride through some super curvy back roads yesterday, and a couple sportbikes couldn't keep up as the roads may have been a little too bumpy for them, but the suspension of the Duc and the Vtwin thump pulled me through with uber confidence. That is the only reason I could come up with for losing those guys and being forced to wait for them.

You have to ask quite a few questions to yourself about what your goal or what flips your skirt up. Maybe you are like me and have a sportbike already and can fill a need for a naked bike with the S4R.

Inform us more on your situation.
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