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S4R vs 996???

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looking to buy a duc. i've ridden both, but it's been a while since i've been on the monster and i really wasn't riding it to decide on a purchase. just for fun.

for those that own the s4r and have ridden a 996, what are the major differences aside from cosmetics. i do a lot of city riding and an occasional track day.

i just don't want to get an S4R and then spend a small fortune trying to turn it into an unfaired 996.

what the major negatives of the monster when compared to the 996? is there an area where the s4r really lacks?
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I just sold my 2001 996 and got the 2006 S4R. Absolutely love it. I ride seriously in the mountains here in Colorado, and it handles very similar to the 996. I'd prefer to have the S4RS with the full, Ohlins, but none-the-less the S4R is a great bike.

I'm making the same mods to my S4R that I made on the 996. New exhaust, new rear-sets (I'm 6'1" and was initially cramped on both), and usual bling.

Handing wise, you get a lil more wind resistence at high speeds in a straight line on the S4R, but how often are you runnin 145 in a straight line? I actually removed my fairing on the S4R, and it seemed to smooth things out.

The S4R is alot more comfortable from an ergo standpoint. But personally I never found the 996 that bad. When you ride alot, you develop the wrist and forearm muscles to accomodate. Never had back issues, probably attributed to the rearsets.

I'm currently looking to drop new clip-ons onto it, so I can get a more aggressive riding position when needed.

Good luck in your search.
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