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S4R vs 996???

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looking to buy a duc. i've ridden both, but it's been a while since i've been on the monster and i really wasn't riding it to decide on a purchase. just for fun.

for those that own the s4r and have ridden a 996, what are the major differences aside from cosmetics. i do a lot of city riding and an occasional track day.

i just don't want to get an S4R and then spend a small fortune trying to turn it into an unfaired 996.

what the major negatives of the monster when compared to the 996? is there an area where the s4r really lacks?
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I can say from experience with the S4R (unfortunately not the 996), that it can haul ass.

There are quite a few people we would ride with on various liter jap bikes that couldn't keep up with my fiance at all. two weeks after getting it, we go on a 2200 mile trip through arkansas in 5 days. after the first day, he had worn the little michelin man off the sides of the Pilot Roads that were on there.

I don't think there's a single issue with the way the S4R handles...and for around town riding, I'd pick the S4R if I were older...

personally though, the bikes that people say are torture, fit me just fine....lol
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