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S4R Pillion Comfort

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I have an S4R and frequently travel with my wife on the back. While I can go for hours without discomfort on the stock seat, my wife has other opinions. I've looked at other seats for this bike, but even the DP touring seat doesn't improve in this area. Does someone make a seat for this bike with a proper pillion cushion? I don't care that the cowl won't fit, since I would just do a seat swaop anytime the better half jumps on the back.

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Corbin does one, but reportedly it also lowers the rider's part of the seat. And the pillion portion still is not generous, as it is built to fit under the cowl.

I had a stock saddle redone by a custom builder over here in Oz. Also had the builder raise the rider's portion about 15mm. Won't fit the cowl, very comfy for pillion and also much better for the rider on longer trips. Highly recommended.

As you say, you can swap back to the stocker in seconds for shorter solo stuff.

If you have a recent S4R (mid-07 or later) your stock seatpan will likely have a bit of extra support for the rear section that was built into this model. Makes it worth using this one for the rebuild.

Good luck.
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