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S4 value

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I am looking at a 2002 S4 on monday for $2,000.
Salvage title due to minor crash that destroyed most plastic. minor radiator damage and broken mirror.
12k miles.
Rider was injured and just wants to sell quick.

If these are the facts, is this a good deal?
I'll use the bike for some commuting and a few longer trips.
Thanks for any help.
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If as you say, 'only minor damage occured', then fo for it. You'll have a nice bike as a project, remember, once you start, it's almost impossible to stop modifiying. Now you can replace those parts with CF parts, larger oil cooler, radiator, water pump housing, ...
See what I mean.

Go for it!!!

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I know all about the black hole of Ducati mods, I own a Hyper... : )

I was just wondering if this would be a good deal. How many different models if any, of the 2002 S4 is there? Would this make a decent track bike if i wanted to race in the "twins" class just for yuks?
I know there was a "foggy" model S4 in '02 and I'm guessing this ain't it, but what are the differences?
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