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Hello I can see we have some seasoned fault finders lurking here! I've spent several weeks now reading every forum and trying to get my head around my S4 issue.

Trip out, turned engine off for a moment and it cranked, but failed to start. Tried bumping off on the hill and it didn't fire. Recovered bike and started usual checks.

One spark per cylinder per cranking session, smell of fuel, fuel pump priming ok, good fuel pressure at the injectors.

Fitted some New Starter leads and new battery.

Noticed Imob light was 2 flashes then solid, sign of key not recognised so had the Imob deleted from the ECU.

Downloaded JPdiag and got the leads, its a shaky set up, but got several error codes

P0105. Barometer sensor circuit
P0110. Water temp circuit
P0115 Air temp sensor circuit
PO120 TPS circuit
P0335 CPS circuit
P0480 Fan circuit
U1600 Immobiliser / key not recognised

Then on turning key, one fan worked for the first time since I've had the bike. I smelt something and noticed the wire to the other fan was getting hot and the left fan was siezed.

Pulled off the headlight and checked the wiring and pressure/air temp sensor visually. Found a brown wire to left handlebar controls was intentionally bared halfway and someone had left a short wire soldered to it. Noticed all four wires to the sensor had their insulation cut and seemed to be twisted together, maybe a previous owner or just rubbed through....Repaired these and the codes stay, but on JPdiag, there are air pressure and temp values.

Swapped relays around, there are three, think the one for the fans is goosed so ordered another.

Resistance on CPS is perfect, cleaned every connection on the loom.

Wiggled wires, read that LED tail lights can throw random error codes so disconnected that.

Tried another ECU and got the same codes.

Have a hunch a former owner disabled the fans. The cut/jointed wire could have previously for a front riding light, there was one in a box of bits that came with the bike.

Wondering if a common bad wire/ earth is causing all these issues and the non starting....or are these IAW59 ECUS both faulty and these are the codes that always get thrown up in these instances?

The IMob consists of a box mounted on the air filter and a key sense reader n the ignition. Shouldn't be a factor as both ECUS have Imob deleted, or is it?

Really appreciate any thoughts from you fine people!
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