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The S2R 800cc engine is VERY nice, but you will have to do without the classic dry-clutch, since the 800 uses a wetclutch..

The 800 engine will not give the same power as a 900 or a 1000DS, but timing the cams, fidling with the fuel and letting the exhaust flow does give some more power to play with.

Brad Black at Moto-One down in Autralia has been playing quite alot with the S2R, you might think about visiting his website.

Here is a graph off what you CAN do.
GREEN: the bike all std
RED: std with cat replacement header.
BLUE: remapped – cam timing at 107 inlet centreline, DP muffler set, DP air filter kit and FIM U59 ECU.

And Torque with Fuel/air

Comprehensive report here on the above graphs here.

Some pics of the bike with the Cat replacement pipe

Moto-One´s homepage: http://www.moto-one.com.au/performance/index.html
He has several Monster S2R tests in diffrent variations

FIM:s hompage for info on the ECU Replacement

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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