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Hello all,

Well I believe I created problems for myself.

I bought a beautiful one owner 2007 Monster 1000 S2R with 20K miles recently. It ran great!

One concern I had was it only had one black key and I like a hide-a-key because I don't trust myself with only one key and I'm not about the stash the red key on the bike. So I bought a new key blank, had it cut by a locksmith and went through the coding via the procedure provided to me by a Ducati dealer 100 miles away from my home town.

Here's where things took a turn for the worse. I wasn't getting the expected displays per the Ducati instructions and like a blooming idiot, I twisted the throttle while in the programming mode.
Ultimately I was able to get the new black key coded using this youtube vidieo:
which was fine.

Now my bike barely runs. It's pouring fuel into the cylinders. All four spark plugs are black with carbon. I put new plugs in, but that made no difference, they turned carbon black in 4 miles. The only time it runs normal is at near full power. I'm convinced I reset the Throttle Position Sensor when I twisted the throttle during the key programming. I don't know what else could of happened.

So, I have a appointment on June 1st in Eugene, OR to have the stock ECU flashed and the TPS's reset. Hopefully my fuel flows will be restored back to normal and I'll be able to ride and sleep again.

Any thoughts or inputs are so welcome. I've scoured the forums and all I've really come up with is that the TPS's can't be adjusted without the DSS machine connected, but I'm not so sure this is true based on my dealings.

Thank you Duc Monster community.


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You can reset TPS but you have to buy the cables and download software.

USB to OBD cable proper pin allocation working on Ducati. I verified it works.

OBD to Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, Ducati 3 pin connector This is the seller that I bought from so I'm posting this link since I verified the cable is working. You may look around if he/she sells out.


Link to download GuzziDiag software and drivers with instructions

Here is thread on this forum with instructions

If you did not touch the physical throttle bodies the reset will get you back to the baseline in ECU that corresponds with the actual positions of the butterflies in the throttle bodies.
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