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Run and Gun

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The first annual Clubhouse Motorsports Run and Gun was held yesterday. A total success for all involved! Participants ran a rally-like course to a rifle range in Maine where targets were shot for score. Rifles from the tiny 17 HM2 to the 500 S&W Magnum were shot. Then another ride to Central NH for a timed IDPA style pistol course and clay pigeons. A short {mile or so} ride concluded the day with steaks on the grill and all the benchracing and shooting tales one could handle! Many thanks to Eric and Rick for putting together a fine event which will live in the annals of time{until next years event}!
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Run and gun

We were able to utilize a chase vehicle that took a more direct route to the shooting venues. I carried a rifle to the shop with just an ordinary sling and found it o.k. for a six mile ride but a biathlon type harness would be more comfortable and practical for an extended ride. We may actually do a ride with just such apparatus in place in the future to support the 2nd Amendment. We had a ball and all agreed to attempt it again as an annual event.
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