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Friend of mine holds these about once a month.

It's at Roebling Road in GA. The amount of track time you get is ridiculous. There is a max of 30 people for the entire day and the most I've seen is about 20.

Cost is $105 and there is minimal tech to ride. Just have leathers and a safe bike. Every time I go, there are is a variety of bikes. You don't have to be a MOTO GP type rider or bike to attend. These are private track days. Not an organization. He rents out the track.

The track day is on Friday. You can camp the night before at the track if you want. The electric hookups at the track are free. There is no need for a generator for anyone at the track. Tire warmers will not need a generator and there are free showers and bathrooms at the track.

Most of the time folks are so tired by 2:00 from all the track time they quit riding and it's open track.
My Hyper has many miles on it there.

Post up if you are interested.

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