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We're pleased to announce we've set up a more sophisticated user warning system intended to help keep the community running in top form.

When an inappropriate post is made, it can be reported and then it will be reviewed by one of the site staff, as per usual. Now, if the post is determined to be a rules violation, the administrator simply clicks one button to issue an automated infraction warning.

That's it! No need for an exchange of Private Messages between site staff and the user, which should result in less frustration for community members and less time spent managing issues for the staff. This will give us more time so we can work on the fun things we want to get to you guys instead! Everyone wins!

"Sounds awesome," you say "but what do these warnings mean?"

Well, I'll tell you...

How it works:

If a post is made that violates the rules, the staff will issue a warning for it. Warnings will appear in your control panel and are only visible to you and to site staff.

The warning carries a certain amount of points with it depending on the severity of the infraction. For example, swearing will earn a 5 point warning. Points add up over time and eventually can have an impact on your access to site features, so be careful.

If the user doesn't break the same rule again for the next 30 days the ticket goes away and all record of it is gone. The user also gets those points back when it expires. We can all move on and there was no stress involved.

If a user repeats the violation, the time for the ticket is extended and the point value increases. Thus repeating the same mistake over and over again carries with it a longer lasting time-span which is worth more points, and rightly so.

When a user reaches a certain amount of total infraction points they will temporarily lose the ability to use certain site features. This serves to let them know they're not living up to the community standards and they should do better.

If the problems persist the total infraction points exceed the top threshold the system will suspend an account temporarily. When the suspension is over, the user comes back and all is again right with the world.
If at any time someone wants to contact site staff about their warnings, they can do so. Site staff may still make contact as well to discuss the matter. This system is not removing our direct involvement. It is a tool to supplement our moderation tasks. More serious user bans may still also be necessary, but as before, we will use these as a last resort.

It's pretty simple. In fact, we've probably made it sound like a bigger deal in this message than it really is, but I want everyone to understand what we're doing and why.

Have fun out there!
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