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Road Conditions ??

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Does anyone know if snow melted between Georgetown and the Ice House Road ???

How's Foresthill Road from Auburn?? Is the mosquito ridge clear? What's the CHP situation?

I guess if anyone has any usefull info - post it here. I think everyone could use it. Berry wasn't bad at all last weekend. This weekend I think we'll have a load of squids up there and there's a sheriff & a chp patroling the area. Just ask Misti, she's tight with po-po - they pull her over just to say hi. CHP is cruising between Middletown and 128/121 corner.
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Forrest Hill Rd between the bridge and Forrest Hill can have some CHP traffic on the weekends. Kinda iffy. I know mosquito ridge got popular with the squids there last year so the cops were hitting it up pretty good. Who know's if it's early enough this year yet?
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