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We have almost every size Momentum INC “Intelligent Noise Control” in stock
Same as Standard but also Noise Control, Ambient button, Pin lock included MSRP $549.00 RKA Limited time price is $500.00

Do not want to hear any bull about these not worth the money!
I, I said I, use this as my MAIN helmet now and will continue to. Kathy does also. We are offering you the products WE USE everyday and are happy with them.
Rather than listen to “poster crybaby’s” that post negative reviews …… TRY ONE at no obligation except to pay for the return shipping if you do not like it.
HOW? CALL RKA 707 836 7659 give us a 100% refundable $250.00 deposit and we will send one to your to test for a week.

PS …. I have two Cavalry ½ helmets I would really like to move …. MSRP $349.00 RKA $250.00. ONE Gloss black M, ONE Matte Black XS
10S tech, 4 way intercom etc etc

With the new 2.0 firmware upgrade for the 30K it is no longer a Black Sheep!!!
This is a great unit for multiple riders of 5 or more.
Now has Audio Multitasking in Bluetooth mode …. “THE BIG COMPLAINT” …. and some additional upgrade.

The dual units retail for MSRP $579.00 Single $329.00
RKA dual units regular pricing is $521.00 Single $296.10
For a limited time the price will be $500.00 Dual set, $275.00 Single unit
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