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RKA, late in March made a very big decision and repurposed the shop.
It took some time to get the machines re set, get proper material , find a proper pattern, (We are using the Kaiser Permanente recommended pattern)

On Monday the 13th of April RKA ran a small test run to calculate time and costs and now have entered into FULL production of face masks.

Understandably we also entered into a back order situation immediately,

If you or an agency you work for is in need of these masks call 707 836 7659 to order.

Here is the link to our “RKA Face Mask Page”

Kathy and I hope you are all safe and well








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Thanks for your help in this time of need, Richard. It’s much appreciated.
Thanks for the nice words.

We want to get these to all the people and familiys that need them.
We also would like to contract with ANY agencies that do not need the N95 spec masks.
Police, Fire, EMT, Hospitals, and anyone coming in close contact with others like groscery store and dept store employees.

Unlike the great people that are making masks at home (We all applaud them!!) ours is compliant with the type of material weight, thread, and professional proper assembly

Thanks again for the nice words ..... We have our employees back to work!!!!!

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