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Hi Gang,

JUST IN! SENA has lowered pricing on the 20S EVO and 30K series communications headsets
RKA is taking pre-orders for the NEW 50S and 50R lower priced units for a Mid-April" release

RKA is passing this lower pricing on to you!
CALL NOW 707 836 7659 to order (See even better offer below)




Additionally .... For the next week until Friday 03-27-2020 at close of day
When you purchase any of the SENA products above RKA will offer you 20% off on ALL RKA Luggage.

There are NO discount buttons on our website so you
HAVE to CALL 707 836 7659

Have questions ... Call 707 836 765
Email Richard @ [email protected]

Update on the Coronavirus and RKA.

Richard & Kathy are "Sheltering in Place" at home ... Kinda.
The phones have been forwarded and we are remotely runing the computers.
We are going into the shop for shipping and receiveing a few times a week
Bottom line is RKA is almost fully fuctional and OPEN FOR BUSINESS!!
Like it says above "WE NEED YOU"

This is the Press Democrat headlines for the last three days. It looks like a trailer for a HORROR MOVIE!

On the upside ... Yes there is ONE. We have recently purchased a couple of
E-Bicycles and will be riding them whenever we can.
They are REALLY COOL!! They do not look like an electric bicycle do they?


Hope to hear from you
Hope you all stay well
Hope to see you all at an event this summer and we are all having fun!

Richard & Kathy
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