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I have been looking for some new grips for my 696, the rizomas seem to be a popular choice....

So what is the difference between the sport line and the lux billets?

Also, how is the install? any advice/how to stuff out there?
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I just bought a 05' Monster S4R and the bike has a ton of rizoma bits (lucky me:). I love the way the parts looks but I am having an issue on the throttle when I close the throttle all the way it sticks. It feels like it is hanging up on something? I am able to roll it back (throttle on) just a bit and it frees itself. I read on a Triumph forum the the ball on the end of the throttle cable that locks into throttle cam can be too wide and gets hooked on plastic housing. Any help would really be appreciated. I LOVE the bike, it is my first Monster. I am coming off a 749 that now does not quite feel sooo comfortable....hahahahah
Make sure your bar end slider isn't touching the edge of the grip!
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