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I've decided to ditch my stock hand guard/mirror/turn signal and I'm trying to decide what turn signals to go with. I've read all 6 bazillion mirror/turn signal posts, shopped around a bunch, and have decided the Rizomas look best and seem to be the best quality.

However I can't decide which model (Avio 21, Zero 11, Track 77) I think look best. I'm kind of leaning toward the Track 77s b/c I think they are different and pretty cool looking. However I"m not sure they really match the bikes lines w/o seeing them on it. Avio's are number 2 for me and Zero 11 last though I wonder if those might actually look best b/c of the angles.

My bike is a red base model, mostly stock. Currently running some CRG lane splitter knock-offs as a temporary fix for mirrors but plan to go with some Rizoma for the mirrors too. I'm planning on doing both the front and rear and will probably clean up the tail some while I'm at it.

So what do you guys think? Post up some pics with your opinions if you've got them mounted!

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