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Rider review from the Triumph forum.

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Here's a review from the Speed Triple forum, I agree with everything he's written. :D

Last Saturday I've managed to get the demo ride on the Streetfighter. It was black "S" model with optional Termignoni half system. Here are my observations:

- ergonomics - perfect. My 6'2" frame fit very comfortably on it, more space and better position then on Monster. Close to the Speedy with one notable difference - handlebars are slightly lower, flat and narrower, with handles slightly turned down, clip-on style. This provides very comfortable grip and improved handling, while maintaining upright position. Good position of footpegs, heat shield on the right doesn't bother me - I ride on the balls of my feet, so boot just rests on the shield.

- engine - pure poetry. Very strong, smooth pull from surprisingly low revs - I think Termi half system helped here. Both power and torque feel quite a bit stronger then on Speedy, with slight twin tingle adding to "electric" feel of pull. Roll on from low revs on corner exit is like freight train, engine braking on entry good and manageable. And the tone!

- brakes - downright scary. I was warned about it but shrugged it off "yea, I know strong brakes". On first light pull to scrub some speed I almost put it on its nose... These are no "one finger" brakes, these are half-finger brakes. You have to readjust how lightly you pull. Compared to Speedy - both to my upgraded GSXR brakes and Brembos on '09 that I rode as demo - there is really no comparison, different league. From light first touch through increasing pressure brakes are very linear and massively strong.

- handling - as expected, light and precise. Ohlins front and back are really working well even on bike set from factory. Bike is very light, narrow between knees, great seating position promotes easy moving on the bike. It does not run wide in corners! Agreed, I did not ride it at 110 mph, only 70-80; it tracks beautifully, holds line and eats mid-corner bumps without upset. Complaints about steering lock are BS, I was able to easily do an u-turn on narrow 2 lane road.

- gearbox - flawless. Easily shifted with short, light movements, not a hint of false neutrals. It might be that I've learned on Speedy to do very positive shifts. Shifter looks small as some noticed, but works great, no need for adjustment. Clutch with Brembo master, easy pull, nice friction zone.

In all - absolutely fantastic motorcycle. Fit and finish first class, new switchgear very nicely laid out, great aesthetics. Pictures really do not give justice to its looks.
It did not feel small, compact is better term. It is the same size as Speedy, only sloped/stubbed light makes front visibly shorter and lets you see front wheel when sitting. I don't feel I'll look on it funny on it (Martin, I think you should ride it again).

Comparing it to Speedy is not fair, they are not in the same class.
Now it's slowly eating my soul...
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Yep, after my first 150 mile ride this weekend I agree with everything he said. I'd been away from 4-valve ducs since selling my 996 in 2004. I'd forgotten just how wonderful the engine/gearbox combination is!!!

After the Brutale in terms of leg room it's like an easy boy, so very much legroom on this bike for me. ON the brutale (I'm 6'2") as I've said before I look a bit like a monkey h***ing a football!

Very happy with this bike!

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