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You guys should have come.
I met up with some friends from Longview Thursday night here in Midland. They trailered their bikes to here. On the way one of the bikes ( 2005 GSXR 1000) fell over binding the right side front rotor. So before we left midland we had to repair his bike. I was able to remove the rotor and caliper leaving him with only 1 rotor on the front. He took a test ride and determined that It was working fine and he had about 85% of his breaking power.
Then we loaded his bike back up and drove to Ft Davis. Friday morning we got up around 7:30 to find that it was about 28 out side. It was a little discouraging but we unloaded the bikes and took off. 1st we did the loop around the McDonald Observatory. That loop is ranked 2nd or 3rd best rode in TX by ride Tx magazine or something like that is what I was told. By noon Friday we were in Presidio(I highly recommend El Patio mexican restaurant). The temp was around 75 by this time so things were looking up. Not far out of Presidio we hit the River road. To me this was the best part of the ride. The roads were nice and clean and had a constant onslaught of curves, and the scenery was AWESOME. Sometime right before dark we arrive in Terlingua. That night we had a HSTA (Honda Sport Touring Ass) meeting where we signed up for the ride and eat.
Saturday morning we headed into Big Bend Nat park. When you first go in to looks like its going to be a boring ride because It is really flat in the basin between canyons but once you start up into the canyons its really good riding. I wish we had had a couple more day to go through the park. I was only able to make it to the St.Elena and Bouqillas canyons and we also went to Study Butte for lunch. Again the ride up into the canyon was Awesome. National park road are really well maintained. As we were come out of the St Elena canyon It was staring to get dark so we put on a pretty spirited ride getting out of the park. Infact with in about 40 miles we caught up to a few guys on CBRs that had left the canyon about 20 minutes before our group.(Gloat Gloat) Made it back to Terligua right at dark and went straight to the HSTA ceremony in full leather.It was a good time.
Sunday morning we headed back to Ft Davis By way of 118. It was a pretty decent ride alot of high speed sweeper all the way up through Alpine. It was there that we saw our 1st cop. Apparently someone called in about a group of bikes going by so fast they couldnt tell what colors they were..... but luckily we slowed down before getting clocked HAHAHA! so we got pulled over but no tickets. Officer was cool basically said he would love to write us a ticket but had nothing on us. Anyway I made it back in to Ft Davis loaded the bike up and drove back to Midland.
Over all it was a great trip and well needed vacation with the exception of Friday mornings cold the weather was perfect (maybe a little on the cold side)
The road were great, there were no accident reported with over 75 people signing up for the ride through HSTA. If you guys ever get a chance I would recommend going down there just not when its hot out, and if I go back I want to do it after time change that way you have more daylight to ride. Night riding is no good out there due to wildlife


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