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Ride Saturday, May 13…

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We will meet at The Market (1445 Larimer St), Saturday morning @ 9:00, rolling at 9:30.

This week we will go up Golden Gate Canyon, then north on P2P, west on Hwy 7 to Estes Park.

We will stop for lunch at Grubsteak, then return to via Left Hand Canyon.

For those coming from the north, we can stop at 7-11 on 93, just south of Golden Gate @ 9:40 – 9:45.
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Secondary Meet

Hey Andrew,
Tanya and I will meet you guys at the Loaf&Jug on 93 just south of golden gate canyon at 10:15ish....depending on the hang-over level. If that's cool with you.
See ya manana,

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2DucsBick said:
Trying to maintain consistency on a start location. It is a central location, easy to get on the highway from there, with gas stations on the way out.

Do you have another suggestion?
I'd suggest rides starting on the west side of town, since many rides go west. It also helps riders on the west not riding east to Larimer and through nasty Denver, and then backtracking back to the west.

The Morrison Conoco is a popular ride start place for all kinds of riding groups. Load and Jug south of Golden Gate wouldn't be bad either if the ride is going north.
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